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The StrideGlider™ is simple and FUN to ride, or should we say glide?  It provides a low impact, cross-training workout with less effort and less risk of injury.

The StrideGlider™ push scooter offers greater freedom of movement, stability, balance and maneuverability than a traditional bicycle or scooter. It's low center of gravity and the rider's upright position reduce the risk of falling and injury. 

Healthy, BALANCED Living

Balanced Living means finding ways to cope with the continuous cycle of highs and lows, and fast and slow times and inactivity.  Adding a one mile StrideGlide run to your day takes a short time while  providing an exhilarating outdoor workout.  You can use the Strideglider to go shopping, visit friends or just get away. The StrideGlider allows the body to maintain an upright position and reverses  postural drift.  Shifting your weight right and left challenges balance and strengthens your core.  Stridegliding is a low impact workout that is less stressful on the body than running or jogging. Additionally its design allows for a broader range of movement that allows one to relax with each glide or push with each stride. Thus the name StrideGlider.

Documented Health Benefits

Biomechanical research states that scootering is between the two extremes of no impact with cycling and too much impact with running.

In the August 1997 (V13 N11 p6) Berkley Wellness letter for the University of California it states. "Both ROM (Range of Motion) exercises and strengthening exercises should be part of an exercise program."
The StrideGliding™ is based on these principles.

May 1999 Annual of Rheumatic Disease (v56, n5, p293) reports that demanding tasks at work and home appear to increase the risk of hip injuries in women.
StrideGliding™ provides a break in your day that strengthens extension and hip mobility. 

Wolfen et al in 1990 noted that enhanced aerobic fitness and muscle strength is negatively associated with the risk of falling (16)
After riding the StrideGlider™ for as little as 10 minutes one can feel the aerobic and musculoskeletal benefits.

Several research studies have documented that structured, clinic based aerobic training programs, while effective, have documented poor compliance (18 & 19).
Because the StrideGlider™ is FUN and riding can be easily incorporated into ones daily life, it has a higher probability of consistent use.

Multimodel physical training programs have documented a higher level of enjoyment and a higher likelihood of incorporating exercise into ones daily routine (2).
Stridegliding is a low impact cross-training (multimodel) program that reinforce balanced lifestyle change.

Compliance with exercise and lifestyle change programs have been identified as a need by the US Department of Health and Human Services 1996 report on Physical Activity and Health.
This is consistent with the mission of StrideGlide™ llc.


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