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I LOVE the Strideglider. What I've really noticed riding it is how much strength it has built in my legs, especially my quads. Interesting enough, though, it never leaves my muscles aching like some new activities do. I think it's because each leg gets a chance to rest in between. Also, my balance on my weaker side (left leg) has improved immensely.
Kirsten Lutes, Bellingham, WA


My family is very dedicated to staying fit. They are avid long distance runners. The StrideGlider strengthens us in getting ready for training in cross country running.
Dave Lenard


I found that I was grabbing the Stride Glider even to go get the mail out at the street. It's much easier to use than a bike. You're walking up to the scooter, then you're kicking away---without changing your posture. You don't even step up much onto the platform. Walking, then gliding. --It's like inline skates that you don't put on. You get nice range of motion plus it's totally stable.
Jeff Potter, Okemos, MI


As a physician in chiropractic medicine and specializing in sports injury, I highly recommend the StrideGlider as an exercise vehicle and as a highly effective low-impact aerobic workout. My primary focuses are balance and posture. The StrideGlider promotes and increases balance as the rider changes feet and uses both sides of the body. Coordination and flexibility are inherent in the programs taught as the rider learns how to stretch and freely move rhythmically. The StrideGlider promotes correct biomechanical and erect anatomical posture by keeping the rider’s hips in correct. This creates a fluid motion and avoids exacerbation of injury. I am also a nationally ranked power lifter and like using the StrideGlider for an aerobic workout before a competition. It is safer than other outdoor sports and has an easy learning curve. Injury or even falling before a show is detrimental so safety is imperative. The StrideGlider surpasses bicycle workouts since it uses the upper body while avoiding damage to the pudendal (groin) nerve common among bikers. Running, another common form of aerobic exercise has a compressive force on the body, which can damage the runners foot tarsal, knees, hips and spine. This is especially relevant for people, such as myself, over 180lbs. I use the StrideGlider as a cardio warm-up, plus it gets me outdoors in the fresh air.  In my 38 competitions I have placed no less than second and have won top awards as Mr. Florida and Michigan Power Man.
Troy Prince D.O., Prince Chiropractic Center, Fenton, MI


Your workout on the StrideGlider is based on your own involvement and determination. It can be really fun or it can be the hardest thing you ever tackled.
Casey Ray, Lansing, MI (After riding from Owosso to Lansing, MI: 40 miles, alternating 5 steps on each side.)


I use my StrideGlider as part of my exercise routine but I also enjoy riding just for fun! I live in a small town and it is great for riding quick errands. I don’t feel confident riding a bicycle but the StrideGlider is just my speed.  My young adult children enjoy taking it for a spin too. My kids say I look “cool” on it.
Peggy Garikes, Chesaning, MI


My husband and I were runners for years. He had to have surgery on his knee and was no longer able to continue his running routine. At 50 years old, he still wanted a good outdoor workout that wasn't so hard on his knees. I tried the Stride Glider myself and just loved the feeling of fun and freedom that it gave me. While I bought a Stride Glider for my husband, I enjoy exercising on it every bit as much as he does.
Katie Wolf, Owosso, MI


As a fifty-something woman with a very full professional and personal life, I'm very concerned about getting the most workout for least amount of time. Fifteen minutes on the StrideGlider™ provides the kind of quality total-body workout that would take 45 minutes on fitness machines indoors at my health club.  And best of all, it is refreshingly fun! Having fun and getting fit don't have to be mutually exclusive concepts when you're using a StrideGlider™.
Marsha J. Lyttle, Owosso, MI


I was apprehensive about using the scooter as a substitute for running as I have been an avid runner for 15 years.  Unfortunately I had too much back pain to continue.  After testing the scooter briefly, I could feel the physiological benefits but after a 60-minute workout on October 27th, 1998, I was excited.  I found my groove in the first 30 minutes and was surprised to feel the ‘burn’ in my quads.  I especially liked not having back or joint pain in the morning.  It is nice to experience the feeling of increased strength in a short workout that does not damage my joints.
Lee Lutes, Traverse City, MI


The StrideGlider has opened a whole new chapter in my adulthood.  I used to be a runner but my body can no longer take the strain of the jarring of my bones and joints.  With the StrideGlider I can finally go distances that I could not as a runner, and as an added bonus my body seems to respond better after a Glide, then if I ran a mile.  It has allowed me to relieve a lot of built-up tension and anxiety by using the rhythmic breathing and Striding.
Steven Apps, Grand Rapids, MI


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