Frequently Asked Questions

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How heavy is the StrideGlider?

28lbs and comprised of chromoly steel 4130.

What color StrideGlider can I get?

The current color available is "Firecracker Red".

What is the distance of the platform to the ground?

4.5" to 5" depending on tire size.

What is the weight load capacity?

330lb dynamic weight load (confirmed via FEA testing)

What type of breaks does the StrideGlider use?

Front and rear V-break system.

What is the width and length of the platform?

4" x 17"

What is the height adjustment? How high/low can I make my StrideGlider?

37" - 42" (from the ground)

What type of tires and hubs do I have?

Kenda K-rad tires with quick release hubs

What maintenance is required for my StrideGlider?

Little! The only regular maintenance required is the tire pressure. Once a year we recommend that you have the breaks checked.

If something happens to my StrideGlider or I want new parts, where can I find them?

All parts on the StrideGlider are standard bicycle parts that can be found a your local bicycle shop.

How much assembly is required?

Very little. The StrideGlider arrives mostly assembled. Should you have any problems, such as adjusting your breaks, feel free to call us and we will walk you through the process, or you can take it to your local bike shop and they can make any adjustments necessary.

When was the StrideGlider patented?

August 14, 2001

Who were the engineers you mentioned in the technical portion of your site?

Patrick Eagan, was our engineer and designer.  Ulrich Trojer a wheeled mobility specialist from Germany was the co-inventor with Paula Ray, OTR and founder of the Stride Glide company. Their expertise in combination with bicycle experts, Advanced Racing Technologies, and auto industry experts at the University of Kettering who specialized in maneuverability both evaluated and tested the StrideGlider.



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